Food Storage

Many great church leaders have counselled us to store food. So what do you need in your food storage? And how much? If you've ever asked these questions then click here.



Canning is a great way to store your home-grown food for later. You can Can almost anything. Whether its peaches or green beans you can Can it. It is important to know what your doing when you Can food. If you want to learn how to Can your home-grown food then click here.



Many Church leaders have counselled us to have a garden. Gardening is a great way to bring a family together and to teach responsibility. It can also decrease your monthly food bill. A great way to help your kids learn about responsibility is by having each of them have a plot in the garden to care for. They can choose what to grow there and the best way to grow it then when fall comes around and its time to harvest they can eat their very one home-grown vegetables.


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